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And Then There Were Seven!

If you find the first awful, the one being assessed as cringeworthy would be an understatement. Viewers and reviewers alike are flabbergasted by candidates talking over one another, in some cases, three candidates talking at the same time, resulting in none of them getting any message across at all to the audience. Viewers are unable to comprehend any of the words coming out of their mouths, all caught in a competition of who can outspoke the other. Similar to the first debate, moderators exhibit little or no control and their instructions went unobserved by the candidates. Candidates imply would not shut up and no one with a coherent or cogent thought were given time to express his or hers.

Other than the Donald Duck pre-scripted joke, Chris Christie impact is minimal and this second debate confirmed another wasted opportunity for him, despite being the only Braveheart to hammer the cartoon character from the beginning.

Tim Scott and Nicky Haley, both from South Carolina, performed slightly better the first debate, other than sparring between themselves over some expense claims! Both looking anything but presidential.

Pence performed the worst, even his jokes falling short on laughs from crowds. North Dakota governor Doug Burgum complained about the absence of time for him to discuss on energy issues on stage, afterwards, despite his state being among the top sellers of energy in the country. But based on his lacklustre performance encore, it would be highly unlikely for him to be able to continue for the third debate.

Vivek surprised his counterparts with his fiery and ceaseless gibberish and claims, but they all came prepared and this time was he not. He was out talked by most this time round.

The first runner-up nationwide in polls, Ron DeSantis, did reasonably ok for this debate. Rather than starting fights of his own and allowing others to attack him, he stuck to his memorised talking points on immigration, China and the economy, while bombarding Biden administration and democrats.

The smartest man turned out to be Donald Trump, who sat out the debate of the children fighting among themselves. His omnipresence was there without being actually present. Probably he be thanking them all!