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Ananda Brings Unlimited 4G+ Experience to Yangon

Ananda entered the market of broadband series providers in Yangon by launching its unlimited 4G service. The launch offer includes a free mifi and a 4G+ ananda SIM, as well as a month of unlimited data at 35,000 Ks. With a mifi device, people can take their Ananda connection with them when they are on the go, making it easy to share their unlimited connection with friends and family.

“Our vision is to enable a truly digital lifestyle. The word “Ananda” means infinity or infinite. It represents how powerful we believe an unlimited data connection will be. Freed from data or speed restrictions, we can access and explore more of the internet, and take advantage of the many ways in which it can enrich our lives, “said Aye Mya Mya Kyi, Ananda Deputy CEO. As well as the portable mifi device, Ananda also offers a fixed 4G+ router which allows families and friends to share a single, unlimited data connection at home. For those who opt out of the unlimited plan after the launch offer expires, Ananda offers a range of value plans. Ananda customers can boost their value plan with add-ons for specific apps such as YouTube, Facebook and Viber to make the most of their Ananda experience at a cost that works for them.