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AMCHAM Myanmar Recognizes Member Companies

The American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar (AMCHAM Myanmar) held a ceremony to honor its members’ best corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs at PARKROYAL Hotel on November 23. At the ceremony, eight member companies who have outstanding CSR activities were given AMCHAM CSR Excellence (ACE) Awards for their exemplary CSR programs and their dedication to improving the communities.

The Award is not a competition, but requires companies to achieve certain benchmark criteria on their CSR programs. To qualify for an ACE recognition, a company’s CSR program must receive high marks in four categories:

  1. Attention to business objectives and societal needs;
  2. Creation of long-term economic and social gains;
  3. Communication and sharing of best practices;
  4. Program sustainability. The eight AMCHAM Myanmar CSR Excellence (ACE) Recognition Award recipients are:

British American Tobacco Myanmar Limited

Chevron Myanmar

Coca-Cola Myanmar General

Electric International Incorporated Procter and Gamble Myanmar Company Limited

SMART Technical Services Company Limited (SME)

S&S Project Management Company Limited (SME)

Standard Chartered Bank

U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission, Kristen Bauer congratulated the honorees and lauded their innovative programs aimed at bolstering the communities in which they operate. “Six of the top 10 global CSR companies are American. I am delighted to see you and other AMCHAM members uphold this tradition of corporate social responsibility here in Myanmar. Your commercial and social investments are critical steps towards fulflling the dream of creating an inclusive economy.” she said.

AMCHAM Board President Scott Neal also highlighted the importance of investing in communities: “Business is not only about doing well, but is also about investing in the communities where we live and work. When business and society join as partners, great things can happen and today’s event is a recognition of successful American partnerships with Myanmar.”

AMCHAM Myanmar is the leading international business association in Myanmar, a chapter under AMCHAM Thailand, with over 500 members representing over 130 American, Myanmar, and other international companies. The Chamber was founded in 2013.