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AGD Bank’s Relief Aid Reaches 300 Households Affected by Cyclone Mocha

The devastating impact of Cyclone Mocha has left the people of Rakhine in desperate need of assistance. The cyclone unleashed its fury upon the region, causing widespread destruction and leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. The communities in Rati Taung Township have been particularly hard hit, with homes destroyed, livelihoods shattered and essential infrastructure severely damaged. The cyclone has disrupted the lives of Rakhine people leaving them very vulnerable and in urgent need of support and their access to basic necessities such as food, clean water and medical supplies has been severely compromised. The aftermath of cyclone Mocha has plunged the people of Rakhine into a state of distress and uncertainty, highlighting the critical importance of immediate assistance and relief efforts to help them recover and rebuild their lives.

On June 2nd, a leading public commercial bank – AGD Bank swiftly initiated the Cyclone Mocha Relief Aid Program in Rakhine State as part of its “grow” corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. The program aimed to provide immediate assistance and support to the communities in Rati Taung Township, which had been severely affected by Mocha.

AGD Bank’s dedicated task force, led by U Tin Maung – Head of Business Intelligence and Organizational Performance, along with colleagues Daw Yi Yi Khaing San – Head of Administration, U Myo Yarzar Thein – Head of Risk Management, and Daw Khine Thazin – Head of Marketing, embarked on a mission to Rakhine State to assess the impact of Cyclone Mocha and identify the areas most in need of aid. The team was accompanied by representatives from the Rakhine Thahaya, Dr Soe Khant and U Maung Soe Thein, who provided invaluable local support and facilitated travel within Rati Taung Township.

U Tin Maung, Head of Business Intelligence and Organizational Performance of AGD bank expressed their dedication to the community through the initiative. He stated that “The devastation caused by cyclone Mocha in Rati Taung Township was heartbreaking and we witnessed the immense challenges faced by the affected communities and it was our duty to provide immediate assistance. AGD Bank’s “grow” CSR program has always aimed to prioritize the community’s welfare, and this relief aid program was a natural extension of our commitment.”

Through extensive assessments and direct interactions with the affected communities, the AGD Bank team identified three priority areas requiring immediate attention: Dompey Village in Rati Taung Township with 140 households, Kandai Aung Village with 50 households, and Koetankout Village with 110 households. These regions had suffered significant losses and were in urgent need of assistance. U Tin Maung also assured that “We actively collaborated with local organizations, community leaders and individuals to identify their unique needs and contribute in ways that go beyond financial aid. Our commitment is at the heart of this relief effort, aligning with its broader vision of fostering a better future for all.”

AGD Bank demonstrated its commitment to the affected communities by extending aid to the 300 households in the identified priority areas. The relief aid package included essential food supplies, hygiene and grooming items, and General Sales List (GSL) medicines. By addressing these immediate needs, AGD Bank aimed to alleviate the hardships faced by the cyclone-affected families and support them in rebuilding their lives. U Zin Aung, a recipient from Kandai Aung Village expressed his gratitude that “We are deeply grateful to AGD Bank for their invaluable support during this challenging time. Our homes lie in ruins and the sight of their destruction is too painful to bear. In light of these circumstances, we want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to AGD Bank for their compassionate gesture of visiting the cyclone-affected areas and generously donating to us.”

The Cyclone Mocha Relief Aid Program is a testament to AGD Bank’s broader corporate social responsibility initiative, known as “grow.” The bank’s commitment to safeguarding communities and the environment resonates through its various projects, including water facility improvements, environmental initiatives, infrastructure development, and tree planting across Myanmar. AGD Bank also recognizes that investing in key pillars of society, such as the well being of children through support to orphanages and promoting access to clean drinking water, is crucial for fostering positive growth and creating a brighter future.

The Head of Business Intelligence reiterated that “The Cyclone Mocha Relief Aid Program is just one facet of AGD’s broader CSR initiative. The bank remains committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve and will continue to identify areas where our support is most needed and work towards fostering sustainable growth and development. Our goal is to empower communities, natural talent and create opportunities for a brighter future”.

AGD Bank’s response to the devastating impact of Cyclone Mocha in Rati Taung Township reflects its dedication to the welfare of communities and the environment. The bank’s “grow” campaign, encompassing a wide range of community-focused initiatives, exemplifies its commitment to sustainability and green development in Myanmar. By extending timely and meaningful support to the affected households, AGD Bank remains poised to make a lasting difference in the lives of people and the communities they call home.