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A Weeklong International Percussion Festival

Gongs and Skins International Percussion project gathered together instrumentalists from around Myanmar and Europe and developed the repertoire for the concerts in Yangon and Hpaan this November. The concerts took place on November 6, at the Goethe Villa, on November 8, Mahabandoola Park and on November 12, in Hpa-An. Gongs and Skins was organized by the Goethe- Institute in partnership with the European Union Delegation in Myanmar, and with support from Embassies of Denmark and Italy.

Percussionists from Burma Hsaing Waing, the Karen, Rakhine and Shan communities were collaborating and performing with percussionists from Canada, C h i n a , D e n m a r k , F r a n c e , Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia and Poland, for a weeklong music festival. Percussionists from around the world were performing alongside Myanmar musicians at the Gongs and Skins concerts which were all open to the public, free of charge.

“In Europe and with our friends across the globe, we celebrate in 2018 the European Year of Culture Heritage and the Gongs and Skins festival is one of the highlights of our program in Myanmar. It is a celebration of diversity, traditions and culture hat have the power to unite us.” said Kristian Schmidt, Ambassador of the European Union to Myanmar.