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A Visit to Mya Thidar Handicraft House

There are few arts and handicrafts shops dealing in artifacts and furniture especially made by hand only, particularly of tropical rattan, teak wood and lacquer. There have been not only outstanding sole manufacturers but also exporters for collectors of fine arts for many years. Among them, we highlight “Mya Thidar Handicraft House”, a privately owned crafts house in Thingangyun Township. This handicraft house is one-stop shopping for travelers and locals as well as for dealers around the country. Mya Thidar started 18 years ago as “Mya Thidar Hand Made Bags and Handicraft” by a Myanmar lady who love and appreciate traditional Myanmar arts and crafts. It originally caters purely to wholesalers. But in January 2016, “Mya Thidar Handicraft House” was opened for general public and now, the customers can buy all the products at the shop located at No.8 (B), Khay Mar Thi Street, right across from “Sweety Home” furniture store on the Yadanar Road, Thingan Kyun Township. It is nearby “Royal Ruby Hotel”. It is opened daily from 9 am to 5 pm. (Please refer to the cut-out coupon for the special offer for MI readers).

It offers a variety of best handicrafts products of Myanmar. The available items include marionettes, Myanmar harps, silk umbrellas, lacquer wares, tapestries, handmade bags, slippers made of rattan, rattan furniture and many other decorative handicrafts. They produce final products by themselves with the raw materials sourced from Ayeyarwaddy Division at production site that is located in Dagon Township. They are running their production with 35 workers who are paid based on units produced. They also do sourcing in other towns and buy from other craftsmen. They have been distributing their crafted item since 12 years ago to all major shops in Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan and other the main tourist attraction sites. Other than traditional designs, Mya Thidar also produces many new unique designs. They also accept customized orders. If you want to buy and search unique Myanmar handicrafts, Mya Thidar Handicraft House is always there welcoming you with the best quality at the most reasonable prices.