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A Series of Mini Bomb Blasts in Yangon Region

Two devices exploded at Ocean Supercenter in Mayangone township on November 17 and three more at Capital Hypermarket in Dawbone township on November 20. Luckily, no one was injured in both incidents. No one has claimed responsibility for the blast and so far, the police has not named any suspects for both cases.

On November 24, another four explosions hit an immigration office in South Dagon township. The explosions occured on the first floor, in two toilets and inside a rubbish bin, but caused no injuries. The motive for the explosions is not yet known. The immigration office was closed at the time of the incident as the day represented a national public holiday in Myanmar.

The final blast occured in the compound of Yangon Regional Government office on November 25. No injuries were reported. The security forces also found another homemade bomb nearby and disarmed it safely.

Three suspects, two women and a man, has been arrested. The suspects appear to be sympathisers of Bengalis illegally staying within the western Rakhine state.