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25th Anniversary of German Unity Day

Germany Embassy in Yangon celebrated the 25th anniversary of German Unity Day on October 2nd at Chatrium Hotel. October 3rd 1990 was the first German Unity Day to mark the reunification of East and West Germany at the end of the Cold War.

German Ambassador Christian Weber-Lortsch shared the lessons learnt from his country’s past experience and how they have tried to rebuild it: “It is a very happy occasion. And if we look back why it all happened, and we looked forward to have a right lesson learnt from this. I think there some similarities for what is going to happen here. Because you also have a reform process and we know it takes times. There was a long transition period but I think in the end, we did it mostly right. But we know it. This is our humble advice for you. We need a bit of patience for this transition period. What went wrong sometimes for the decades can’t be fit overnight.”

Germany has been implementing a number of projects in Myanmar in a bid to support the ongoing reforms. The projects mainly focus on helping small and medium enterprises, and vocational and media trainings. It has also been active in cultural exchange by organizing events and concerts, and opening a cultural centre, The Goethe Institute.