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100,000 Myanmar citizens to be trained and equipped with IT skills in the next three years

T he Myanma Computer Company have agreed a strategic alliance with Microsoft that will see 100,000 people trained and equipped with work-force-ready IT skills over the next three years. Under the alliance, MCC will offer new programs in cloud computing and oth-er emerging technologies in association with Microsoft and Infocomm technology (ICT) firm Myanma Computer Company will in-vest $80,000 in Microsoft training content.

“This initiative will allow our students to ex-plore next generation opportunities in the fields of cloud computing, cloud services, and apps development,” said CEO of MCC, Cindy Chaw Khin Khin. “We want to ensure that our people are equipped with the right skills to stay relevant and needed in the cur-rent and future workforce. This partnership with Microsoft will help make that a reality.”

For César Cernuda, President of Micro-soft Asia Pacific, there is no better time for countries to work towards upgrading their workforce. “The Asia Pacific region is grow-ing at an exponential rate and has the tech-nological capabilities to be a global leader in innovation within the next decade,” he said. “Microsoft is committed towards helping countries prepare for this paradigm shift, es-pecially upcoming economies like Myanmar.

By providing development opportunities for its citizens and equipping them with the right skills, we are helping them maximize the many new opportunities that will come up in the region.”

Myanmar’s potential to achieve unprece-dented economic growth is anticipated to take place with the aid of technology en-abling six key areas of its economy – govern-ment, education, healthcare, banking, retail and agriculture. Much of this change is set to happen with the aid of cloud computing. However, the transformation is set to raise the issue of a distinct IT skills gap faced by the country. According to IDC, cloud-related IT jobs will grow at a rate of 32% per year to more than 2.3 million jobs in Asia Pacific by the end of 2015 but the region’s populace lacks the latest IT skills to address the de-mands of today’s cloud-enabled society.

Microsoft’s training content will be incorpo-rated into the MCC Training Institute’s pro-grams, including those that aren’t entirely computing-related. Students from retail and other academic fields and students studying in 170 MCC Centres countrywide can enrol for the new courses and be awarded up to 3 certificates of varying expertise. MCC aims to have its students industry-ready and achieve global employability by complementing its existing curriculum with Microsoft certifi-cations.

“Whether you’re in the public sector or pri-vate sector such as finance, retail, or educa-tion, there will be a high demand for modern IT skills across all sectors in the future,” said Tin Win Aung, Chairman of MCC Group. “With the international recognition of Mic-rosoft’s training and certificates, we look to-wards developing cloud-ready professionals and making Myanmar a more competitive player within the global economy. MCC is Microsoft’s only Gold Learning Partner in Myanmar.