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100 Years Success With Electrolux, Sweden’s Household Appliance

Electrolux, one of the world’s leading household appliances from Sweden, celebrated its milestone of “100 years of bonding through sustainable innovation” with the presentation showing evolution history of its successful elegant and modish household brands of premium quality as well as the expansion into Myanmar market at Sule Shangrila on September 17.

Established in 1919, Electrolux successfully continues 100 years through sustainable innovation and step to expand the business into Southeast Asia market, extending in Myanmar by partner with MEDG Groups Co., Ltd professional distribution company to ensure all channel partners and consumer are satisfied with product and service quality. Electrolux in Southeast Asia market has high potential for continuous growth in the upcoming 3 to 5 years and Myanmar is one of the main strategic markets.

Electrolux distributes the products with core brand value as in “Taste Care”, “Fabric Care” and “Well-being”. Apart from that, innovation, timeless design and environmental friendliness product, distribution is a fundamental channel which is available at distributors, modern trade, hypermarket, leading real estate project and e-commerce.

Under “Taste Care”, Electrolux provides cooktops, ovens, ranks, warmer drawers, microwaves and refrigerators not only for delicious taste and texture but also to maintain healthy meal. With the “Fabric care”, the technology caters to the lifestyles of customers by saving their valuable time to do more of the things they love, live last longer to your favorite clothes and ensure always looking for the best even with the hardiest synthetics and finest hand-made garments.

Electrolux, on the other hand, reported a 66% reduction in CO2 emissions from its operation achieving its climate targets. Celebrating “100 years of bonding through sustainable innovation”, Electrolux launches a campaign to appreciate the loyal customers, who purchase 100,000 Kyats will get a coupon to win over 100 prizes from Electrolux. The lucky draw program started on September 17, 2019 and until December 25, 2019.