Siemens Teams Up with Mahar Htun to Support Myanmar Port Sector
June , 2017

Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) has collaborated with local company Myanmar Mahar Htun (MMH) to provide technology and solutions to Myanmar ports. Along with the Myanmar Port Authority (MPA), MMH will equip ports with cranes that feature Siemens’ technology, which would enable them to upgrade their services, enhance safety features and improve productivity Currently, Myanmar is able to handle around 20 small tankers with around a total of 220,000 deadweight tons (DWT). This number is set to further rise with the expansion of its ports. In particular, its Yangon port is expected to handle ships with maximum of 50,000 DWT, putting it in front of ports in other Southeast Asian markets. Christian Beckers, Head of Business Development, Digital Factory and Process Industry and Drives, Siemens Myanmar and Cambodia, said: “Growing demand for quality goods plus increase in trade and investments will create new opportunities for expansion of Myanmar’s port and logistics sector. Hence, it is important for the terminals to be equipped with the ability to handle the surging amount of imports and exports expected in the coming years. Along with MMH and the MPA, we aim to enhance port optimization to reliably handle increased traffic and trade volumes.”

Yamon Win, Executive Director, Myanmar Mahar Htun, said “Through our solid joint partnership, Siemens and Myanmar Mahar Htun are able to provide a value-added product range which comprise of a combination of totally integrated and complete range of technologies and tailor-made solutions as well as local contact support for our customers in Myanmar. Our aim is to make Myanmar’s ports more efficient as they expand, and this will in turn make the country more competitive on a regional level, and all the more attractive to investors and operators.”

Cranes are indispensable for transporting loads in terminals, industrial operations and shipyards. Wherever they are used, they must operate with the greatest performance and safety, as well as optimal availability, reliability, maintainability and cost-effectiveness. Recently, Siemens and MMH have also recently organized a seminar for their customers to discuss challenges faced by different terminals and identify potential solutions to address these challenges. The seminar, which was also organized with the support of MPA, enabled Siemens to showcase how its technology would enable the companies to enhance their offerings to meet with current and future industry demands. Siemens has been operating in Myanmar since 1993. Late last year, the company expanded its local office in Yangon to establish a broader partner network, signifying the growing importance of the market to its operations in Southeast Asia.