Dear Readers,
Myanmar has a new President now!
Hopefully President Win Myint would be a lot more active and visible than the resigned President Htin Kyaw. What Myanmar needs now more than ever is economic leadership found totally lacking in the past two years.
Yet if Myanmar people are longing for a President like Putin or Duterte, caution would be advised with State Counsellor publicly stating she would be above the President. At least we all can wish for a more vibrant business environment with Myanmar becoming the darling of the international investment community once again.
In this edition, we have the analysis and reviews on the ex and the current presidents, the usual interviews, news and reviews and stories covering fin tech as Myanmar moves towards digitalization in the financial world.
April being the hottest month in Myanmar, we advise our readers to stay in the shade, avoid being under the sun during mid-day and drink plenty of fluids to weather through this hot season.
Happy reading and Happy Myanmar New Year to all!
Yours Sincerely,
Jeffrey Windsor