Dear Readers,
Welcome to Myanmar New Year of 1380!
We have been greeted with some minor earthquakes here and there and a couple of heavy downpours to remind us that raining season is imminent.
We remained optimistic until the 300 acre rubbish dump fre in Hlaing Thar Yar, in the north-west of the capital city, blanketed nearly all the neighbourhoods with dangerous smoke and haze. The current advice for our readers would be to put on quality masks, when going out, while the government is trying to put out the fre and the smoke.
In the current issue, we covered the infghting in Kachin State and the regular news, reviews and analysis on the economic front. We have interviewed the boss of one foreign company, just setting up an offce in Yangon and one local real estate agency owner, trying to provide professional services.
Happy reading and happy new year to all our readers!
Yours Sincerely,
Jeffrey Windsor